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What do our resellers think of SitecubePlus Business Opportunity?

"None can compare to your excellent package"

I've looked at several online business opportunity packages, none can compare with the ease and excellence of your complete package. Your product is stable and very flexible leaving us with a customized look. And I can't be more happy with your support service. When I have a question they actually have answers! GREAT job, we are well pleased and are signing up new clients from our online reseller site on a daily basis!

— Dale Green

"Thank you so much for making it easy to have your own business"

Thank you for the great business program! I appreciate all the help you have given each and every time I have had a question. Moreover, I have been impressed with how your operators have fixed little things I did without my doing anything to help. I just dropped them a line and they took care of it! The website builder is great and many of my clients have commented on the professional quality of the service. The client package options are phenomenal. Thank you so much for making it easy to have your own internet business!

— Boyd Everet

The reseller pricing and suggested retail pricing is as given below!

Reseller Price
Retail Price
$15 Setup Fee! + $6/Month*
$30 Setup Fee + $9.75/Month*
$15 Setup Fee! + $8/Month*
$30 Setup Fee + $14.75/Month*
$15 Setup Fee! + $9/Month*
$30 Setup Fee + $18.75/Month*
Premium Plus
$15 Setup Fee! + $10/Month*
$30 Setup Fee + $23.75/Month*
Premium Store
$15 Setup Fee! + $11/Month*
$30 Setup Fee + $23.75/Month*
Premium Store Plus
$15 Setup Fee! + $12/Month*
$30 Setup Fee + $29.75/Month*

New Featured Packages!

New Feature
Reseller Price
Retail Price
Super SEO Service
Live SpokesPerson

* Note: The All-In-One price includes, domain registration, web hosting, online designer website builder and site maintenance.
*Pricing Paid on Yearly basis.

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