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Home Business :-)  Instant Setup! Instant Results!
1250+ resellers 30000+ websites 45 countries
The most comprehensive web design and hosting solution in the world.

home business :-)

The only online home business that...
Web Design Solution

Lets you resell the complete web design solution.

Flash Video and Audio

Lets you provide cutting edge websites with flash, videos, mp3 and greetings.

Shopping Cart

Lets you sell a complete ecommerce solution with shopping cart and paypal integration.

Maximum Profits

Lets you make maximum profits by allowing you to set your own prices.

Reseller Websites

Gives you a complete turnkey reseller website with professional design, layout and content.

without any knowledge of web designing

Lets you setup complete websites for your customers without any knowledge of web designing.

Live Spokesperson

Lets you add a Live Spokesperson to your site to add a dash of Glamour and a Super Special Appeal!

I want a home business to make money from home!

Great! Everybody can do with some extra cash generated working from home! If you are really serious about making money from the comfort of your home then you have reached the right place. We offer a geniune home business opportunity that is not only easy to setup and run but also takes very little time to manage.

I can't spend a lot of time and I don't want to go through a steep learning curve. In short I want easy money. Is this home business opportunity still right for me?

Yes and No. Yes, because you can earn a decent amount of money without investing a lot of time and stuffing your brain with additional knowledge. And No because it is not easy money. What ever time you spend in running this home business has to be done with utmost seriousness and professionalism. If you can't bring these attributes then this home business opportunity is probably not for you. Success in any business requires a serious and professional attitude and more so in a home business. Run miles away from anyone who says otherwise!

Ok. I think I might want to give this home business a shot. Can you tell me more about it?

Yes. The business opportunity we are offering is a very simple one. We will set up a turnkey reseller website for you from where people can sign up and create websites for themselves. Every step like, website creation, domain registration and web hosting is completely automated. Either it is setup by default or the client does it himself. There is nothing that you need to do other than to bring the client to your reseller site. In case your clients need any help we have a dedicated team of support staff that is ready to help them by phone, email or chat. As you can see your part of the deal is to get potential clients to your site.

You can do this by spreading the word about your site amongst your friends and relatives. Or opt for some paid advertising in news papers, flyers, search engines or radio spots. How you go about marketing the services is completely upto you.

Sounds good. Can you also earn money by referring some resellers to you?

Absolutely. You can earn some extra cash by referring other resellers to you. In fact this is a serious money stream in itself. As the referral program pays you on a continuous basis as long as the referred reseller is active with us. With the handsome commissions that we pay for such referrals you are sure to pat yourself for selecting this home business program!
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Integrated Web Design Studio : website builder web hosting domain registration

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monthly residual income and easy setup with this business opportunity

  What do our resellers think of SitecubePlus Business Opportunity?

 "Perfect for a mom home schooling 3 kids!"

I am a mom home schooling 3 kids aged between 5 and 9. It doesn't take a lot to figure out that I hardly get the time to breathe, let alone try and run a business of my own. But that is exactly what I wanted to do. A little extra money is always welcome with growing kids around. So my quest for something to help me with this found me searching google for something suitable. I chanced upon sitecubeplus internet business and I thank god for it. All the talk of web hosting, web designing etc intimidated me initially. But I persevered and with a little help and a few chats with your support team helped me get off to a decent start. A few calls to businesses in my area got me the first 2 clients and since then there has been no looking back. I am making decent money and know I can do much better but I am happy with the way things are as of now. I am able to strike a balance between running my home business and raising my kids. Thank you SitecubePlus.
— christine Munger

 "High Income potential home business!"

"I was amazed at how easy it was to get started with sitecubeplus Home Business Program. I know many people typically use it to generate an additional stream of income. However, it helped me to build a full fledged online business of my own. A business that is slowly taking me towards my ultimate goal of being my own boss. The ease, the variety of options, the price and the over all income potential make your home based online business opportunity more than worth its weight in gold. I would recommend you to anyone!"
Marie Harsley

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