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Freequently Asked Questions

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1. What is SiteCube Website Builder?  
SiteCube Website Builder is an easy to use, feature-rich, browser-based do-it-yourself web site builder that enables Entrepreneurs to offer a successful online website building service to their users. End users who sign up with these Entrepreneurs can use SiteCube to build attractive, professional looking flash websites right from their browser, in just a few minutes. SiteCube is extremely easy to use and allows even the most novice users to build complete websites in just a few minutes, without needing any prior knowledge of programming or web design. Some of SiteCube's unmatched features include easy to use step-by-step tools for Flash Intros, Shopping pages, Photo Albums, Media Player, Greetings etc.
2. What are the key features of SiteCube Website Builder?  
SiteCube offers dozens of incredible features. Please visit our 'Features' page for some of the key features that SiteCube offers both to the Entrepreneurs and End Users as well.
3. What are the benefits and advantages of SiteCube Reseller Program for an Entrepreneur like me?  
SiteCube Reseller Program has tremendous benefits for Entrepreneurs. It lets you set up your own online business where you set your own pricing and manage your own customers with solid back end support from SiteCube.
4. How is SiteCube different from other online website creation tools that are available?  
  SiteCube offers unmatched features and benefits. View the features page for specific features and benefits.  
5. How stable and reliable is SiteCube?  
  Serving over 650+ Entrepreneurs in over 20 countries around the world, SiteCube has been tested to be extremely stable and reliable in real life market scenarios.  
6. How long will it take for the end user to build a website?  
With SiteCube Website Builder, building websites is quick and easy! We have performed extensive usability tests with a wide variety of end users, mostly involving non-technical people whose knowledge is limited ONLY to browsing the Internet. The results show that it would take an average person about 5 to 10 minutes to create a complete framework for the website and about 30 to 45 minutes to customize the website with the many features available in SiteCube.

7. Can I fully private brand SiteCube Reseller Solution with my own name, company name, company logo, etc.?  
Absolutely, the entire solution can be completely private branded (private labeled) to suit your specific branding needs. To your users, it will appear as though SiteCube is your own. You can incorporate your own company name, logo and images of your choice, etc to complete this private branding. What's more, every single user interface element in SiteCube can be fully customized to meet your specific private branding needs.
8. How and where can I evaluate the SiteCube Website Builder?  
  Click here to test drive the SiteCube Website Builder and enjoy and experience.  
9. How can I offer site creation services to my customers, with SiteCube Reseller Program?  
Its easy. Just sign up for our reseller program and you will be able to create your own Reseller Website under your own domain name and your own payment processing.

10. Can I decide the pricing for my customers/subscribers or should it be based on the pricing you have set?  
Pricing is completely under your control. You are free to decide the price of this service when you are offering it to your customers.
11. How user-friendly is SiteCube Website Builder?  
Building websites with SiteCube is extremely simple, if you can browse, you can build. There are no HTML codes to remember. And there is no need to learn web design. The entire site building process is managed by a set of easy to use tools. Any user can now create a complete website with Flash intro, main site, shopping cart, etc. in just a few minutes.
12. Does the end user need to be connected to the Internet to create their website?  
Yes. This is an online site creation tool, where the building and editing part happens right from the user's browser window. Your end users need not install any software in order to create websites all they need to do is just to be online. If they can browse, they can build.
13. Do you have Online Help for SiteCube Website Builder?  
Yes. We have detailed help pages for the entire website builder where each and every step is explained clearly with screen shots. View Help.

14. I am a MAC user and am' not able to view or edit my website files using the site builder. What should I do?  
Please download 'Safari browser' at the following link and install it on your MAC. You should be able to view the files as well as edit your website using the site builder.
15. What are the languages that SiteCube supports currently?  
Currently we offer SiteCube Reseller program in English language only. Please write to us with your language requirements, we will try to make it available for you as soon as possible.
16. Are the websites created using SiteCube database driven/ html or flash?  
  The final websites created by SiteCube are all pure flash sites.  
17. Will the SiteCube application be hosted in your server or mine?  
We provide an integrated solution with domain registration, web hosting and website Builder. The entire solution is hosted on our servers.
18. Will the End User websites be hosted in your server or mine?  
  The end user websites are hosted on our servers.  
19. Will the client be able to edit his/her website once it is created?  
Of course, the user can edit all aspects of the website as long as he is signed up with your service as an active user.
20. Is there any limit to the number of users or sites that SiteCube can support?  
  There are no limits to the number of users or sites that can be created as far as the application is concerned.  
21. Can a user import an existing website into SiteCube, and edit it?  
No, this is currently not possible. For complete compatibility, it is important that the websites are fully created only using SiteCube.
22. Are there any downloads that a user is required to do to be able to use the Website Builder?  
No. There is no need for the user to download any software on to their computer to use SiteCube. If a user can browse, he can build. The only thing they may need is the Macromedia Flash plug-in which anyway comes integrated as part of most common browsers these days.
23. Does the user have to change the settings in their browser in order to use SiteCube?  
If the user can browse the internet and visit secure web pages, then he does not need to change any settings in the browser or Operating System to use SiteCube Website Builder.
24. Can an end user upgrade his pack from a low feature pack to a more feature-rich pack?  
  Yes your users will be able to upgrade to a more feature-rich pack.  
25. Can the users change the site content after it has been published online?  
  Of course, the user can modify the website content at any point of time.  
26. How do customers/subscribers go about paying for the website?  
We can integrate SiteCube Reseller solution with the Payment processor of your choice to collect payments from your customers. You can also receive offline payments from users and then activate them by logging into your Control Panel.
27. How do I manage my clients? Is there an Admin module for SiteCube Reseller Program?  
Managing your subscribers becomes very easy with SiteCube's powerful Reseller Control Panel. The Control Panel allows you to manage not just the users but all aspects of the website building service as well.

28. How can I manage the users and the websites that are created? Do you provide any management tools?  
From your Reseller Control Panel, you will be able to login to each user account directly and make changes to their websites if required. The Control Panel allows you to perform functions like Activate/Deactivate/Delete users/websites etc.
29. What format of videos do you support?  
  The videos should be uploaded in .FLV format.  
30. What is a Live Spokesperson and how is it useful?  
  A Live Spokesperson is a Video Model on your site who will welcome your website visitors, inform them about your site features and help build a bond between the site visitors and your organization.

There are more than a dozen models to choose from, both male and female, in formal as well as informal tones to suit your particular site.

Adding a Live Spokesperson can improve your website's performance by 600%! In fact you will see a marked improvement instantly! Give it a try, you will be amazed at the response!

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