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business opportunity!

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New Online Business Provides Real Opportunity

June 2, 2007


(PRWEB) June 2, 2007 -- Thousands of searches for "home based business" are done on a daily basis. So it's not surprising that there are thousands of "home based business opportunities" pitching the latest and greatest money making technique. So how do you know what's worth spending time and money on and what is junk?

The Wealth Magnet System, launched on May 12th, 2007, is providing a welcomed breath of fresh air to the home based business industry.

Created by Jim Mack and Bryon Howell, The Wealth Magnet System may be the answer to frustrated entrepreneurs who have spent countless hours looking for a solution to earning a living online. Not only does the Wealth Magnet System provide a way to generate income, it also provides the tools and resources that are necessary to launch a successful online business, no matter what the product or service is.

In a recent interview with the founder of, M.J.Bacch said, "the key factor with me getting involved with The Wealth Magnet System was that the system provided the three main components that I look for with any online opportunity. These components are a valuable product, excellent support, and a genuine opportunity to make money."

Some of the services and tools that the Wealth Magnet System provide are a "million dollar rolodex" that gives contact information and website addresses for the essential tools that any successful web site cannot exist without. Some of these contacts include freelance programmers, advertising reps and keyword research tools. Also provided is a comprehensive step by step guide to driving visitors to your new business and the key components to success in any business.

Other tools that the system provides are an automatic web page generator for people who have little or not web site design experience and a webmaster tool kit, essential for any online business.

"I think the Wealth Magnet System is going to have tremendous growth over the next few months and those who get involved now will have the opportunity to earn a substantial amount of money." M.J. Bacch said.

For more information on the Wealth Magnet System you may visit M.J. Bacch's website or call 1-800-861-7915.”



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